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Classifications and Awards

Type Classification Scores (TCS) are carried out on the Society’s behalf by the classifiers of Holstein UK. Should any member wish to use this service then please contact us here at the office for further details.

The management information that classifying provides can be most useful in helping to make breeding decisions and in the long term can add value to your herd by providing a record of the TCS results of your cow families on future certificates. All animals that are registered in the Herdbook are eligible for classification, whether they are pure or graded up.

Quarry Supreme Claret EX 95 has produced 110 tonnes whilst milking with her 12th calf

Production Awards are fully automated by the Centre for Dairy Information (CDI) using milk records received from NMR and CIS. Therefore all Society members received awards for their qualifying cows.

From April 1st 2009 Register of Merit, Superior Producer and Lifetime Production Awards will automatically be applied to cattle registered in the Herd Book that meet the qualifying standards. No actual paperwork will be issued. The awards will be entered on the Herd Book system and all subsequent certificates of progeny and re-issued certificates will show an animal's awards.

This service is free to all members. Click here for award application if you have an animal eligible

Elite Cow Award - to qualify for this award a cow must have a minimum of 2 RM awards and 1 SP award together with a VG or EX classification. There is a charge of £5 for Elite Awards.

RM (Register of Merit) SP (Superior Producer)
Kg Protein Kg Protein
Heifer (1st Lactation) 253 Heifer (1st Lactation) 281
2nd Lactation 295 2nd Lactation 328
3rd Lactation 318 3rd Lactation 354
4th + Lactation 319 4th + Lactation 355
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